Spotify Premium Apk Latest Version 2020 with No Root

Do you love to listen music or podcasts who wants to enjoy favorite tracks all the time on android device. Well, there is no best further option then install the Spotify premium apk mod and enjoy the amazing paid features for free. Similarly, Enjoy every paid feature without any single penny or restrictions. Moreover, the best part of this mod is that you don’t need to root your device! 

Download Spotify Premium Apk Latest Version 2020 with No Root

APP NAMESpotify Premium APK
File NameSpotifyPremium.apk
Total Size31.36MB
Latest Versionv8.5.10.133
Minimum Android Version RequiredAndroid 4.0.3 or Above
Updated On
October 7, 2019
PriceFree  Download

Spotify Premium APK

Spotify is an online Music station where you can find your tracks, podcasts. Moreover other genre of music such as Poetry, Novel, audio books. Search quickly to find best music for your life and discover new releases that you can share with your friends as well. Before further talk about Spotify, I wanna share an important message with your alert by Official Spotify for using unauthorized app.

Warning From Spotify Over Violation Of Terms and UN-Authorization Usage

Officially Spotify started crack down the all free user accounts that using modded or cracked version of Spotify. Many people are using hacked Spotify apk mod apps to pirate premium service of Spotify. In this case, Company are sending following email to all those users who are found using  Un-authorization usage. You can see the screenshot below of email that has been sent to users over violation of using premium services. 

Let me show you the email sent from Spotify Company which has sent to pirated users.

“We detected abnormal activity on the app you are using so we have disabled it. Don’t worry – your Spotify account is safe. To access your Spotify account, simply uninstall any unauthorized or modified version of Spotify and download and install the Spotify app from the official Google Play Store. If you need more help, please see our support article on Reinstalling Spotify. If we detect repeated use of unauthorized apps in violation of our terms, we reserve all rights, including suspending or terminating your account.”

Just after this warning email to users, developers developed the new version of Spotify with some modifications. This update will completely block the modded usage on Spotify Premium apk mod. What this means? It’s mean that whenever you login with the modified Spotify, You will get an incorrect username or password message. Hence, this minor change will stop privacy and people were unable to use Spotify apk mod until the discovery of bypass. 

Update for Incorrect Username and Password    

After using modified version of Spotify, you still get the error message about incorrect username and password. You just need to checkout the Troubleshooting and Faq’s section to get your answer. You can bypass this error having incorrect username or password while reading the faq’s section. Now let’s move to the further details about Spotify Premium apk. Where will briefly discuss that how it works and what are its features that you can use without paying anything. 

Spotify provides you the best streaming experience with the bundle of music world, Where you can find your favorite one. Moreover, with its Old songs, classic and vintage radio will make you crazy. All you need to hit the play button and then stream anything you love from Spotify.

Similarly, Spotify has become the largest and top music company which is providing the best sound experience and super excited collection of tracks. This is why everyone is looking forward to join Spotify music world because of its amazing quality of sound and amazing service. 

Well, there are two modes of Spotify that available for users to stream music online. For instance Freeware and Premium Service.

Spotify Freeware

The Spotify freeware version provides you the access all tracks unlimited and basic features. Whereas, other side it shows you the advertisements during play songs, and does not allow to download the songs for offline. While the sound quality by default set to 128 kbps which sounds not so good. 

Spotify Premium

However, if you are looking for interruption free music with no ads during the music play then move to premium version. Furthermore, you are allow to download the songs in order to listen offline with best sound quality and all features unlocked. So, i would like to recommend you to use Premium service as it is best to get amazing Music experience. 

More Details about Spotify Premium App

Do you know the best thing about it? let me tell you guys the best thing of its service is that it is compatible with all kind of devices. For instance Android, iOS, Computer, Tablets, PlayStation or even your Smart TV. Similarly, In Spotify Premium you can listen any song at anytime and far as long as you want without any interruption like advertisements.

Spotify Premium allows you to listen your personalized playlist where you can save your favorite tracks and listen without internet. It doesn’t matter that where you are, whether you have internet connection or not you can always allow you listen your downloaded tracks. Moreover, Spotify premium provides the best sound quality that is most fundamental element of any music stations. Another amazing feature of its service that you can shuffle your music so that you can enjoy your entire song library with Spotify Premium. Rewind the song and forward features are also provided by Spotify Premium.

Let me clear you about Premium Spotify that if you would like to use Genuinely Premium service of Spotify rather than Spotify Premium crack version. Its not bad to use Spotify Premium service officially and its fee structure is also simple. Initially, Spotify Premium subscription fee is $0.99 for first three months and then you have to pay $9.99 per month to avail Premium service.

Features of Spotify Premium APK

Well, as i mentioned above the Spotify Premium features that it requires the paid subscription so that you can enjoy the all features and services. Although you can download the Spotify Premium apk and get the services absolutely for free without any pay. You will be guide shortly below, just be with us.

So friends, here are the some amazing and unique features of Spotify Premium APK.

  • Download Tracks for Offline Listen:

    You can be able to download your favorite tracks or playlists in order to listen offline mode. The question is when we listen songs in offline mode? Whenever you are traveling at anywhere or you don’t have internet connection active then you can enjoy your entire music. Moreover, listen your all tracks in offline mode can save your large data charges and bandwidth too.

  • Spotify Premium Sound Quality:

    In Spotify Premium you will get three sound qualities such as Normal, High and extremely respectively. It gives you the extreme quality of sound that make you crazy by listen high definition sound which is 320 kbps. When the quality of sound is extreme then you enjoy the service with love.

  • No Advertisements: 

    You will be able to listen your tracks and albums without interruption of any ads. Believe me, there will be no visual ads that appears during the player playing song. So, there is no chance to get interrupt during enjoy your music in Spotify Premium.

  • Play Any Track:

    In freeware version of Spotify, you are not allow to skip any song but here you can play any kind of track. Whenever you want to skip the song, you can do it without any limitation or restriction. Just search out your track and play with enjoy.

  • Unlimited Music Skip: 

    You can take idea from it that you are able to skip any kind of track whenever you want. Moreover, when you think to change the song so you can do it at anytime without any trouble.

  • Saves Storage:

    With online streaming the music and tracks from Spotify, you will be able to save you storage capacity of Android device. There is no tension of getting warning message of storage full of device from Spotify. It may charge your little bit WiFi or data connection.  

There is another interesting thing that i am going to tell you, with this modded version you can avoid country restriction during traveling to abroad. Just have a look on the procedure step by step mentioned below. 

Spotify Premium Discount Offer

If you are looking for becoming the paid subscriber of Spotify then you can take many advantages from it. There are other discount offers you can avail if you have a plan to stay on paid subscription.

  • Spotify Premium for Student – Costs approximately $4.99 per month.
  • Spotify Premium for Family – Costs approximately $14.99 per month.

Now it is upto you that in what conditions you choose the discount offer or you wanna stay on usually Premium Subscription charges. Although the payment of premium Spotify is affordable for many users but many of users still cannot pay for premium services. Just because they wanna pay to get Premium service, but unfortunately Spotify is not available on their countries that’ why they have to use modded version.

How to Download and Install Spotify Premium APK for Android?

Here is the complete guide with step by step to download and install the modded version of Spotify Premium on your Android device.

  1. Download the Spotify Premium apk from given link in this article.
  2. File would be download in zip format so you should have any file manager or any explorer to extract the zip folder.
  3. Once unzip the folder completes, tap on the download file which will be named as to start installation process.
  4. Whenever you begin the installation, You may get the error message about security ” your phone is not allowed to install unknown apps from this source”.
  5. Tap on the settings button, new option will be show you while saying “Allow from this source“. Just swipe right to installation. 
  6. Move back to installation screen, you will see a permission list there. Just tap on install button.
  7. Installation process will start and wait for this process to complete correctly.
  8. After successfully installation the app, You will see icon on your home screen of your device.
  9. Tap on the icon to launch the Spotify Premium app.

The important part of the game has now come because you have to provide your credentials such as email address and password to login. Once you successfully logged in to your account, Now just enjoy your music on Spotify Premium with unlimited features. Do whatever you want to do because you read out the whole article for fulfill your desire. Enjoy the all basic features, best quality of sound and all kind of music that you were looking for to get.

If any issue regarding login with your account occur then you should come to troubleshooting section. Where we have provided every detail related to Spotify Premium apk mod issues. Well will let you out from every problem that you are facing. 

Troubleshooting / Frequently Ask Questions (FAQ’s)

Users may never face any issue regarding Spotify Premium so that we’ve mention this section about frequently ask questions. In this section user can get their all possible solutions for their problems without wasting time for searching solutions in comment section. 

Spotify Premium is Not Officially Available in my Country. How can i enjoy Spotify Premium Features?

If you ever see the error message like “Spotify premium is not available for your country” or if you unable to login with your account. You don’t need to worry about it because we are here for you.

First download and install Spotify Premium apk from our article, Once it done then follow the steps mentioned above that will help you avoid the restriction. 

I tried to download music, and the app showed me a notification to upgrade to premium. Why can I not download songs and music on this Spotify Premium app?

Well, we are already briefly discussed about this issue so let me clear your mind related to this issue. Many users are not aware of Spotify completely. Spotify basically in two modes, the first one is Freeware and second is Premium. You just need to understand offline feature as well as downloading song, both are direct link with the type of mode.

For instance, If you have free Spotify account and using modded version of Spotify. You will get many features or basic features but you won’t be able to download songs. In order to download the songs you have to be switch to Spotify Premium service.

I am unable to skip songs, and I don’t have unlimited skips on Spotify Premium apk. What is wrong?

Generally, this issue occurs when you already have Spotify app on your device and then you try another version install and replaces it with other. To prevent this issue you need to uninstall the original Spotify from your device and download the Spotify Premium apk from given link in this article.

I was using Spotify Premium, and today, I got automatically logged out from the Spotify Premium app. And now whenever I try to log in, the app keeps logging me out. What is the issue?

You don’t need to worry about this issue because we are already working to tackle this issue for you. All you need to do is to clear cache of Spotify and use any of VPN service to bypass the Login process. 

Just have a look on the procedure and follow step by step.

  • Go to Android Device and settings then tap on Apps.
  • In apps list you will have to tap on Spotify app.
  • Under the Spotify app, tap on the storage option.
  • Just tap on clear cache and clear data as it will reset to its original settings. (Make sure that you never miss this step).
  • A new message will popup like “All of your data including all files, settings, database” will be deleted. Tap on the delete button.
  • Now come to the VPN service, go to your device PlayStore and download the Browsec VPN app and install on it your device. (You can use United States as your location in VPN )
  • Launch the Spotify Premium app and give your credentials.
  • Once you successfully login then you can disable VPN.    

You can now enjoy the Spotify Premium services for free without VPN. So, if you want to uninstall it you can do it. Well, there is no issue to keep VPN install on your device to resolve issues in future. 

Spotify app says, “Unable to log in.” although I have entered correct credentials, but the app won’t let me log in. How can I fix it?

As we already mentioned that you need to clear cache and data of Spotify Premium app and do as we mentioned on the last question. That should be fix your trouble, I hope. 

If in the case of other issues that you are facing with Spotify Premium then you can share your issues and experiences with us by leaving your comments.


Download Spotify Premium APK v8.5.10.133 (Normal)


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Spotify Premium APk


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i hope you like this article about Spotify Premium apk mod. Share this article with your friends as many as you can. We have provided all the information and requirements of Spotify Premium that you may need. Still if you have any questions or issue then you can leave us comments so that we can help you with possible answers. Moreover, Screenshots are also given above to keep aside your confusion. I hope you will get most of your all answers through FAQ’s section that we specially placed for you in this article.

Just enjoy the Spotify Premium apk on your device and listen your favorite music in any situation. Get free music and podcasts with extreme sound quality with Spotify Premium apk mod. Thanks you so much for your love and support.

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Now You Can Download Cracked Spotify Premium APK Latest With No Root, Download and Install Spotify Premium APK for Android, ios and pc.

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