How To Get Spotify Premium Free Latest Version for Andriod

Hey guys, today i am gonna tell you that How to get premium Spotify for free with latest version. Similarly, Premium Spotify music for android with latest version and direct download is now available. While other side this mod apk file grant you access the Spotify Premium music account for free forever. Similarly, for ARM devices such as Tablets, Multimedia Players, and non rooted devices, Spotify music with free hacks available.

Whereas, the latest version of Spotify comes with premium features absolutely for free for android users. Moreover, it is available for iOS and tablets as well as android devices. Get ready to get the Spotify app for free to reduce stress while playing awesome music.

How To Get Premium Spotify Account Free For Android

Despite the most popular and amazing Music service Spotify is not available in many countries. You might be not find your country in the list but not to worry about it. Spotify APK mod allow you to get the best streaming service at anytime in restricted countries. Moreover, may be you are a new user and not aware of Spotify APK mod then continue reading the article to get the Premium Spotify for free. In this article i will tell you that how to get started with  Spotify apk 8.4 version. First you need to create a Spotify account if you don’t have. In recent times, Spotify Premium APK provided many features for android devices. The amazing and massive collection of free music makes the Spotify APK best streaming service provider.

Spotify Premium APK Info

It is one the of best Music platform with the huge genre of music, podcasts and niches music for free. Premium Spotify APK compatible with all kind of devices. The best part of this app is its amazing interface which is user friendly that allow you to make playlists easily and share with your friends. Through the artistic based music and huge set of albums make it more enjoyable to listen music.

So guys, get ready to get the Spotify Premium APK for free and enjoy the free streaming. Spotify basically in two different forms. One form is that user can have to access thousand of amazing songs with its online database. Whereas, other side Premium Spotify have massive albums where user can search songs based on genre and artists. If i say in simple words, Spotify premium APK will let you get everything on the Spotify without any restrictions. Absolutely Yes! there are some restrictions on many countries due to some issue between Spotify provider and countries.

How to Sign Up For newest Account on Spotify

Well, Spotify APK mod that let you get the huge number of albums for free. The freeware Spotify APK is available with all kind of music that you wanna listen but there is little bit glitch in free version. And what is that? You’ll have to face many advertisements in free version of Spotify while other side without any interruption or being irritated by ads you have to get Spotify Premium APK.

It is supported on every device such as Smartphones, Computers, Tablet, PlayStation and even on Smart TV as well. Spotify Premium is a complete solution for you to get all popular music for free without any interruption like advertisements.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free For Mac

As we already mentioned above that Spotify APK mod is available for all kind of platforms. Similarly, Spotify APK is available for Mac as well as many other devices. Is is the fact that online platforms are filled with advertisements and promotions. It is known for sourcing of revenue for people in which we have to face those annoying ads when we are in leisure hours. For instance, streaming music on Spotify.

Furthermore, there are many other social apps that free from those ads like whatsapp. If people want then they can get rid of those ads just like Spotify Premium apk. However, XDA developers has developed open source mod that can be able to remove all kind of ads from Spotify. Well, many of people never trusts on third party coding but this is an open source project with modifications. This app is safe for download and use. Developer made this app for public use so if anyone looking for adding their work on it then they can do.

Download Spotify Premium For Free

There are such features in Spotify that you will love to upgrade from free version. What the new thing you will get on Spotify Premium? You will be able to download ads-free songs and more good quality of Audio. You will be allow to utilize the best experience of music on Spotify. Furthermore, the Spotify place the section entitled Spotify Impact on piracy for answers to criticisms against the company for exploiting the artists. Moreover, this website has the super cool feature such as Music, Video and Picture sharing along connect with the people with the same taste of music.

There are many websites like Pandora for Music. The advantage of premium version is to listen your favorite songs offline. For gaining revenue and profits Spotify has to be pass through advertisements. If you ever subscribe to monthly with ten euros let you to take advantage with next level of capabilities.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free For iPhone

Well, we all know that free version of service has quite limited and also great method to try out the app. While you can go with the free form of Spotify as well but then you have to compromise on many premium features that you never get on free version. Where free of cost songs sponsored by ads while other side Premium version provides you the uninterruptible service of streaming. High definition songs are not offered but over 15 Million songs are available for you with free of cost.

How to Get Spotify Premium For Free on Personal Computer

Today people mostly streaming music by purchasing subscription. This is the primary revenue for them by their subscription. You might be enjoying the downloaded Spotify at anytime at anywhere with no restrictions or limits. If you are using your smartphone to use Spotify service then may be using with some limits and you have to select song individually.

You have to listen songs randomly. This service has to decide every song best match with mood. However, sometimes on the occasion plagued by connection issue or downtime of traffic. However, free service is efficient to use so you should have to pay little amount for getting awesome audio library. It is may quite practical service for listeners.

Features of Spotify Premium APK Free

Well, there are many features in Spotify APK mod that eminent itself from other versions. The latest version of this app has come with 2 versions such as beta and final version. Similarly, both versions have difference by work and features but most of the features are same. Many people may lost to know about difference between beta and final version. Beta version of this app is testing version that has released to check the performance of the app.

It collect the error and issues which may occurs when user accessing unlocked features. The beta or may test versions is the standard release of mod apk version that may have not all unlocked features but would get updates after some time as the issues and problems are resolve.

Final Version of Spotify Mod APK

There are many fabulous features in final version as we mentioned already. You can also get every unlock feature and functions in official Spotify app for absolutely free. Some of the features are including shuffling, seeking and unlock the track selection.

There are some features of Spotify APK latest version.

User friendly Interface: As we already told you about the interface of Spotify. Many users use this app from all over the world because of its best service and awesome interface. Its interface is so nice and user friendly that anyone would love to use it again and again.

Unlimited Downloading: With the Premium Spotify android app, you can easily download and store you favorite song that you wish to listen offline as well. Furthermore, you can also share your lovely playlist with your friends as well.

Unlock Shuffling, Seeking, Repeating, Connect: You heard right guys, In Premium version of Spotify there are unlocks shuffling, seeking and unlock connect as well. It means you can shuffle you songs, repeat song also.

No More Advertisement: So here is the best part that you are waiting for, In Premium version of Spotify you never ever face any ads during the music play or anytime. Everyone hats ads specially when user streaming online because it irritates user and make internet slow. In premium Spotify developers add anti ads features so that everyone can enjoy the Music world.

How to Download and Install Spotify Premium APK mod

  • You can download easily Spotify app without any restrictions and know its technical knowledge. All you need to do is to follow on instructions carefully and get Spotify Premium app for absolutely free.
  • Just download the Mod apk version given below and make sure your desire version and always look for latest version.
  • After successfully download the file, install the apk mod on your device. No other version of Spotify should be on your device if you have then uninstall it first.
  • Just Launch the apk file from where you installed.
  • Installation process may take some time as per your device speed.
  • When installations complete successfully now just launch this app from your device.
  • Create your account on Spotify otherwise log in if you have already. I recommend you to create new one.
  • Signup process is simple. just fill up your details on the sign up page and confirm it through your email.
  • Now Sign In and enjoy the music for free.

How to use Spotify DogFood Mod With Android

Android basically designed for running app from Google Play Store. By using getinstallerPackageName() method android auto application check to see the installation source before it allows to be shown on android auto dashboard. It means DogFood won’t work with android auto if run directly. Don’t worry guys fortunately, there is a way to change the app source using Android ADB Tools.

  • Download the ADB Tools from given link
  • Now connect your device with Laptop or PC and enable debugging mode on your device.
  • USE MTP mode on your device while connecting your device with Laptop or PC.
  • Download the DogFood Mod on your device and save it by name of Spotify.apk on your mobile.
  • Now launch the ADB command window and check if everything is working. Next step is to enter adb devices in adb command. It should return the device code if everything is fine.
  • The next step is installation procedure. Enter the adb shell on window.
  • Enter this command in adb to install the apk on your storage. Now replace it path with the file where you have saved it.
  • pm install -i “” -r /sdcard/path/to/spotify.apk
  • ADB shell will install the third party apps from Google Play Store.
  • After execution of the command the shell return the message with successful message like File has successfully install.

Spotify Premium APK FAQ’s

There are some questions related to Spotify Premium APK mentioned here. Let’s have a look.

Does the Spotify Premium APK work on both Career Data connection and WiFi?

Absolutely yes, the Spotify Premium APK app for android and PC can be use on both Data connection and WiFi as well. The app perfectly work with the 512 kbps speed of internet. Let me clear one thing, if your WiFi is not enough strong of if you are streaming online music on low data connection, then switch your stream quality to low stream quality.

How to clean Spotify Premium APK Cache

If you wanna clean the cache of Spotify Premium APK then follow the simple steps and clean the cache easily. Just Go to Edit Button and then tap on preferences, then check the file location of the folder then delete the folder to clean the cache of this app. i would recommend you to keep the backup of cache folder in order to smoothly work.

Spotify Not available in your country?

Well, if you ever face this issue that Spotify is not available for your country then not to worry guys. Just use any VPN or Proxy online so that you can use the app efficiently without any restrictions. You can use Browser VPN, Zenmate and many other more.

Which one is the best Connection for Spotify Premium APK?

I recommend you to use the best speed internet connection like WiFi, modem or hotspot. But it should be a better speed with at least 384 kbps then you can smoothly get better experience of Music and albums in Spotify Premium APK.

Will My Playlist be deleted that I Made?

No absolutely not! You don’t need to worry about it because in any circumstances playlist will never delete in any condition. If you reinstall the Spotify App, your playlist will be save with your email and account so just b confident guys. your playlist will be remain until you delete playlist by yourself or your account suspended or blocked.

How to Get Free Spotify Premium APK with Latest Version (Method)

You can now download the latest version of Spotify Premium APK for your device. All the versions of the app are available here. Just be sure that what kind of version you need to install on your device. You can download and install the older versions of the app mentioned below. Just checkout the all version that best suited for your device.


Download Spotify Premium APK v8.5.10.133 (Normal)


Download Spotify APK Premium (Latest)


Spotify Premium Free Final


Download Spotify APK Mod FINAL


Spotify Premium APk


Download Spotify Premium


Download v8.4.72.845 (ARM)   Download v8.4.72.845 MOD (×86)


Spotify Music Premium (v8.4.72.845) Beta MOD (ARM+x86) / Mirror


Download Spotify Premium Apk

Download Spotify v8.4.44.632     Download Spotify v8.4.39.673Spotify Premium Apk v8.4.32.623 Stable Mega MOD    Spotify Premium v8.4.31.723 Apk   Spotify Premium Apk v8.4.18.743   Spotify Music Premium v8.2.0.788 Final MOD


I hope you like this article, We have provided all the steps with deeply instruction. Share this article with your friends as many as you can and enjoy the Spotify Premium APK free of cost. You can download both the newest and older version from our blog. Latest version available such as 8.4, 8.5, 8.5.6 and many more. Just follow the instructions carefully and enjoy the app just like Boss. If any questions or any issue related to this topic occurs then let us know by your comments in comment section. Your suggestions are valuable for us. For more cool stuff, tips and tricks keep visit our blog and get better experience. Thank you so much for your support and love.

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