How to Get Free Spotify Premium Music Account For Android

Spotify Premium provides you the ability to download unlimited favorite songs at one platform. Similarly, you can stream free music online and offline globally. Well, it is not available in standard version of Spotify. Moreover, if you love to listen songs then you must have huge number of playlist, whether you have 100 songs or 10k songs. It doesn’t matter that how long playlist you create.

How to Get Free Spotify Premium Music Account For Android

Last UpdatedOctober, 20, 2019
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Get Spotify Hacked

Sometimes, user may face ads interruption during music on Spotify which is so irritating for any music lover. Therefore, to get rid from ads and skip-able video advertisements, Spotify Premium gives best ads free user experience. This app lets you remove all ads from your streaming station.

What is Spotify ++ APK

As we already mentioned that you can download unlimited your favorite songs and take it anywhere in the world. It is the benefits for Spotify Premium users that they can be able to listen their tracks anywhere in the world. Moreover, Spotify users can listen their all tracks and playlists in offline mode also. It doesn’t matter that whether you are anywhere in the world, you can get it without re-download the music. Isn’t awesome?

Free Spotify Premium Features

Basically Spotify Premium is fully featured with unlimited Skips with your Playlist.Similarly, In Spotify Premium you don’t have to play particular song while, in standard Spotify you will get limited skips.

Spotify APK Features and Restrictions

The biggest feature of Spotify is that it saves your data and you don’t have to stream the song in which way you don’t like to listen. Well, there are many ways to download and install the Spotify Premium. Similarly, before install the Spotify Premium apk, You should know about its features and restrictions first. Many of issue has already discussed and many pros we will discuss briefly. As many people are wonder that after install they get every corner and nook. Let me clear one thing that there are many things that cannot we get via Spotify APK mod version.

Uninstall Previous Version of Spotify Premium

This is the most important step that i am telling you that if you have already any other version of Spotify or official one. Then you must have to uninstall the previous version of Spotify in order to install the latest version. The reason behind my important message is that if you have older version or official one then you will may face many issues and error in order to install new one. You should understand one thing that you have to uninstall previous version if you want to install latest version otherwise you are welcome to keep on previous version. In this case, you will never have those features that you want actually.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free on Android

Spotify apk mod is the best station for users to get link with thousands of tracks and albums online with your favorite artists. Moreover, best audio quality matter for everyone that’s why you get the music with best sound quality in Spotify Premium. Furthermore, there is little bit issue or glitch what should i say? Well, there is glitch in it that you have to buy oneĀ  month subscription for all its services with unlimited features that is OK for one person. But think about it if you are looking for subscription for whole family or more than two persons then monthly price could be burden in condition of huge amount. This is why people then come to think about getting hacked version of Spotify.



You will see that many people will tell you that it may be wrong or unethical thing but when you have small of amount left then you can’t afford the premium services on Spotify anymore.

Similarly, on YouTube you can get all content absolutely for free and listen your every favorite track for free. Now talk about the free versions that comes with flaws as it dangerous also. There is one thing important for you to not to update the already version of Spotify mod apk that may ping the company and you would be banned of using their service. Similarly, there are some features that may not work for you due to version difference. This is why Spotify release its new updates every week to foil unpaid users.

Get Official Spotify Service Through This Method

  • At first you have to download Spotify apk for you android device. Download spotify premium apk from your Android Store
  • After downloading the app, go to downloaded location and launch the app for installation. After starting the download tap on the application to open the settings tab
  • You might get an alert message to enable unknown sources from your device. To enable unknown sources go to your device settings>>Security&fingerprint>>unknown Sources. just tick on check box with the name Unknown Sources. Unknown Sources to install
  • The next step is also important for the users because many users usually deny the permissions and continue installation process. You should take care about permissions that what kind of permission are you giving and what it actually need to run the app smoothly. Unknown Sources to install
  • Now you will see the two options with install and cancel buttons. Now it is upto you that you want to install or cancel the installation process. Absolutely you need to install then tap on install button. nstalling the package files on its own
  • It will auto continue extracting and start installing the package files. It may take a short time so stay calm.
  • After some time Spotify ++ apk ready to use on your device. spotify++ apk completes the installation
  • After all this process go back to your settings and find Unknown Sources and confirm that it is unchecked so that no more apps install auto by itself.

How to Sign Up for New Spotify Account

Now you have successfully install the app on your device so what’s next? The next step is important too for user because its time to create an account for Spotify to use its service. You can’t use the Spotify service without an account on it. You need to create an account on Spotify to get its services. Well, you can use VPN service to do it if you are from outside United States, UK or Europe.

There are many best VPN services or VPN extensions available on different web browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Opera etc. In this case, I have written an article about the best VPN Services for users. Zen mate is one of best VPN service that i am going to working with today. Moreover, there is another issue in it that it sometime never work to signup with Spotify from location outside US.

So don’t worry guys if you face any issue like this, you need to just change your location to US.

Signup Process with Spotify

Note that i am working with web Browser and Zen-mate proxy extension to change proxy settings.

  • Users from US also should follow this step as it hides your location and IP for future purposes.
  • Now open the official Spotify Website and look for Sign up.
  • Fill up your all fields that mentioned in Sign up page just like your email address, confirm email, password, name, birthday, gender etc. Then accept the terms and condition and complete captcha. After all queries completed just review you all information that you put on all fields and save you all info as it may you need anytime in future.
  • Now you will get a message about verification that verification link has been sent to you email address, Please verify it.
  • The next step you know that you need to go your email inbox and open that verification link email. Just click on the verification link, another page will be open and then you will see a message “Your account has been verified”. Now you can avail Spotify basic features.
  • The next step is so important among all steps that you have done above and what is it? After opening Spotify with all steps done just listen free songs at least for one or two days as Spotify company monitor the whole system to check the spammers. I recommend you to listen at least 30 songs a day.

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free on iPhone

What about iPhone users? Can iOS user can get Spotify Premium free for their iPhone devices? Yes absolutely they can get Spotify free for their iPhone because it is the most secure iOS in the world. You should take care while installing the Spotify step by step because you email id could be block in case any issue during installation. Complete valid steps are mentioned below with details.

Well, as compared to android, iOS operating system is most secured and its structure of installing apps are strictly. This is why it avoids third party apps to its interface because of security reasons. But developers are doing their great job to bring backdoor trick for installing apps on iPhone. Similarly, there are many apps like Jailbreak that crack your iPhone to install Spotify Premium app.

Just have a look below for steps to install Spotify Premium for free on your iPhone.

  • Open your web browser on your device, any kind of browser like Safari or Opera. Now it is upto you that what browser that suits you. Open web browser and enter the official website of TweakBoxApp and download the latest version.
  • When the installation complete, just run the application on your iOS devices. After launch the application just join the TweakBox Club. Here you don’t have to Signup. You just need a platform where you do further all steps.
  • Make sure you use TweakBox via VPN Service, without VPN service you may be blacklist. The best part of it that after connected with VPN service, there is fewer chance to block by official Spotify.
  • You can use any number of TweakBox apps form this SW that is the major hub of awesome apps.
  • just find the Spotify app that would be available in the app list.
  • When you get it just install the Spotify app on your device and launch the app.
  • You will have to wait for some time to complete the setup so, don’t need to be panic.
  • When installation completes then minimize the app, Go to phone Settings>>General>>Profile& Device Management and then open TweakBox.
  • When you open the tab you will see a message that Spotify has been installed on you device.
  • Now last steps is to launch the Spotify and enter you all details to login with Spotify.

How to Get Spotify APK Free on Computer

It is not hard task to get the Spotify apk for your computer. As Spotify available for android and iOS that’s why Spotify is also available for your PC. There are many latest cracked versions available for your computer. Therefore, you don’t need to worry when we are here for you always. There are many android emulators available on the internet that you can download and use to download apps on your computer through android emulators. You might heard aboutĀ  Blue stacks android emulator that you can download for free but i am going to use another android emulator named as Memu Android Player for windows.

Android Emulator System Requirements

  • Let me clear you about system requirements of android emulator. Well i hope you have amazing system in your home but it is my duty to mentioned all requirements for system to use smoothly. Well, it requires Intel-V, AMD V Technology system to run android emulator.
  • You should have at least 2 GB DDR2 Ram on your system that could run android emulator smoothly.
  • Let me clear you one thing that it requires good graphics integration so you should have 2nd Gen core processors so that you could run android emulator with better performance.
  • Fast internet connection required to download the 300 MB file to run.
  • Now just launch the Memu Player on your installed apps list. This program will take some time to run or load.
  • The next step is to download the app from Google Play Store.
  • You can use Nox App Player (Android Emulator) which has the feature of drag and drop. So, you can download the Spotify cracked version from our given sources and place the icon by drag to installation and press OK to start the installation process.
  • If you are loading the apk from your Downloads locate the file from upload, that will open the pop up.
  • After you locate the file and then click on the install button. Wait for some to install the app accurately. After this step you will see the icon on your device installed.
  • So guys you have installed the app successfully on your computer but you can’t use it if you don’t have an Spotify account. You have to register you account on Spotify so that you can be able to use its service on you computer for free.


In the end i wanna alert you by this message that always be careful before using the Spotify apk Premium on your any device such as Computer, Smartphone or tablet etc. This app is hosted by anonymous servers that may steal your data without your knowledge and upload it. The apk file that have no known sources could be dangerous for you. Always use VPN service on your device for using Spotify Premium. I hope you like this article. We have share all the information regarding Spotify Premium free apk that is available for Android, iOS and computer as well as Tablets. Furthermore, we have provided the screenshots above for you to better understand all the steps. All you need to do is to follow the steps with care and do as it mentioned.

You can download all your favorite tracks from different albums and podcasts for free which is premium. That’s means you can have all features unlock that users get usually after paid some amount. Moreover, you can stream your music in both modes online and offline anywhere in the world. Your playlists won’t be deleted in any case so don’t worry about anything regarding Spotify and enjoy the service for free. Share this article with your friends as many as you can. If any questions or queries related to this topic raised on your mind then you can share with us through your comments. Thank you so much for you love and appreciation.

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