Spotify Premium Apk- How To Download Music From Free Spotify Hacked

Coming up with your hot favorite article about download free music from hacked Spotify. Similarly,  In this tutorial i’m gonna show you to get free music in Spotify Premium APK. Today you will know about some amazing facts about your favorite Music station. Yes! we are talking about Spotify that is most popular and top rated music station in the world. Well, there are many streaming stations like Sound cloud, Google Play Music etc but Spotify has the highest rating among all other music stations. As we know that Music is just not a music, It’s passion now a days. Hence, we can say that Music now has the largest industry in term of revenue today.

Though most of the people are looking for getting free subscription or Spotify Premium Free services use for free for a long time. In the world of music where user want all of tracks for free at one platform, there user have to pay some amount for it.

Spotify Premium Apk Hacked Download

APP NAMESpotify Premium APK
File NameSpotifyPremium.apk
Total Size31.36MB
Latest Versionv8.5.10.133
Minimum Android Version RequiredAndroid 4.0.3 or Above
Updated On
October 7, 2019
PriceFree  Download

Spotify Premium For Free

As we know, online world of music rely on some elements in which it can generates the revenue for artists and companies in condition of Advertisements and promotion. In this case, user don’t wanna pay anything for monthly, yearly or one time subscription as fee that actually user see above their budget.

By the way, we will let you know about stream free music on Spotify Premium in a short time.

How to Install Hacked Spotify

In order to install the hacked Spotify you need to uninstall the previous version of this app because its replaces the app with hacked one. Moreover, app can be came with bundled with your device just like Samsung devices. In order to run the app you have to change the package name with different name.

Similarly, this app signed with with different key than one use by Spotify. It means that you won’t be able to login Spotify with Facebook, if you don’t have Facebook installed. Just download the Facebook app, install it if it came with bundled for your device.

Spotify Premium APK Monthly Subscription

 This is the fact that you can never neglect today, everything in this world is for sale or resale. It doesn’t matter whether it is small or big element. Similarly, Most of the items like secured products and promotions presents in the condition of paid amount that mostly people feels burden on them. They are not able to afford huge amount to get services.

For instance, Free Spotify Premium that charge $10 per month for their thousands of songs and podcasts. Well, it might not be huge amount initially but this is bigger amount when amount piles up guys. 

Hot to Get Spotify Premium For Student Discount

One thing is must that company needs revenue from its services so that company runs it smoothly but the subscriber that pays big bucks suffers yet. You might heard that most of the companies that providing free services to its customers has been sued by top firms to stop providing free services to users. Then bring us with the topic of providing free Spotify that hardly work by developers to provide the music for free to entire world. Well, these apks may come with advertisements that must be source of revenue but you can bear it for some time instead of spending money.

How to Get Spotify Premium Free for Always

 As we mentioned that many company are providing the free services to its customers who are in number of billions just like whatsapp. The app that providing free services to clients since many years and despite many hurdle and challenges have managed to stay afloat. So talking about the ads that are many roundabout can be use to move these ads for forever. Hence, Russian and Americans developers developed the open source free Spotify Premium apk for users. This apk not only have unlocked all premium features but as well as ads free. Isn’t amazing guys? Though this apk is open source for security, it is use for unknown sources apk. 

Pros and Cons of Spotify Hacked

As this apk is provided for free use so there are some pros and cons of having Spotify Premium APK free.

Spotify Pros

  • Free Spotify lets you access all tracks and podcasts which is the under circumstances only use by Paid Subscriber.
  • You can create many Playlists and libraries in this apk and can share with your friends and communities also.
  • In this apk, you can download any number of tracks for free so there is no any limitation about how much or how many downloads you can download anytime.
  • Spotify with latest version free of ads.
  • You can listen any podcasts of any length free of cost.
  • This Spotify Premium free lets you explore all options which is not available for unpaid subscribers.

Spotify Premium Cons

  • This apk is an open sources app so it can be risky for any smartphone or PC.
  • In most of the version, you may face advertisements before, in the middle and after of tracks that is irritated.
  •  From many versions, you can only signup with your Facebook or Twitter accounts. It is risky for your social accounts in the condition of exposure of your data and grabbing.
  • In the condition of your Spotify got notice by official Spotify then your all data including tracks, podcasts and playlists will be disable as well.
  • You might be block by Spotify Premium if you found of using cracked version.

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free Without Any Restrictions and Limitations

Generally, you can use one app at a time in your android or iOS devices. So if you ever install the another version of same app, just let me keep it simple. If you have already Spotify on your device and you try to install another version of Spotify apk on your device. Then this app overlap and might by cause of your app crash or refuse to downgrade the app as well. That’s why it is important for you to uninstall the previous version in order to install the newest version of an app.

Similarly, now a days mostly devices are coming up with pre-installed Spotify version that is actually issue for non technical user. Though disabling or deleting the built in apps is not an easy task to do. You may need to install the app by changing the package name which might not work for some users. its need an technical knowledge of user to understand it in this case. Whereas, it is not possible for some users to remove or unless/until you change the version of an app.

Spotify Premium for Free Music

Most important thing we are going to share with you that listen free music you need to signup via Facebook but you cannot signup simply using your Facebook. You must have an active signed in account to process complete. It means that you are giving access to your all data through your social media account including posts, your details, history and locations that might in result of losing privacy. Moreover, most of us don’t know that these apps are mostly run by Russians and Chinese servers that are biggest source of stealing personal data.

Spotify Player for Web and Installation Guide

As we mentioned that there are many versions available for download and install on your device. But choosing the best apk for your device and be sure of Spotify apk with no scam or stealing info app is not an easy job. Well, there are many version of Spotify with same name and size are available on internet that scamming people for stealing their personal information, accessing their financial info and selling personal info as well.

This is most important task for you to do with care because you can lose your data or lose your privacy with just one mistake by installing fake version of Spotify. In this case, we are providing you the best Spotify apk that are analyze and test by our experts and available with free of risk to download and install.

Spotify Premium Free Download With Latest Version

So guys Spotify Premium available for free. If you are looking to upgrade your app to Premium then you have to few amount to upgrade it. Just have a look on latest version of Spotify Premium and modded version.


Last UpdatedJune 19, 2019
Size39.10 MB
Requires Android4.1+ (SDK16)
DeveloperSpotify LTD.
Content RatingRated for 12+
TaskStream Music Online


How to Get Spotify Premium Free For Forever and Installation Guide

you can download the apk version of Spotify Premium that provided here. Let me clear that this instruction might not work on some versions as it has different steps and features. Well this is compatible with all smartphones that supports Android.

  • You can download the apk file from the link given here. Wait for some time to download completes and then extract it. Make sure you don’t have already installed the Spotify if you have then uninstall it first and clear cookies as well.  It would be better to do as i mentioned.
  • Now go to downloaded location and install the Spotify Premium for free. It may asks for some permissions so have a look on it.
  • If you face any security issue while installing the app then you must have to enable unknown sources. You will get this option on your phone settings. Just enable it.
  • Just install the Spotify Premium apk on your device and wait for installations to finish properly. After successfully installation Spotify Premium icon will be appear on your home scree.
  • The next step it to launch the app and then you will see the Signup page. Make your account and get Spotify Premium for free and listen your favorite tracks for free even without any ads.
  • Once you complete the sign in task now you have done! you are good to go for listen your favorite songs and podcasts for free of cost. Moreover, you can download the tracks for online and offline both purposes.

Note: If you don’t know that how to create free account then have a look on “How to get Spotify Premium for free“.

How to Get Spotify Premium for Free on iOS Device

Now what about the iPhone users, many users have been asking questions regarding Spotify premium apk for iOS devices. So guys be ready for getting Spotify Premium free for iOS devices. Furthermore, programmers from Russia and China have released many of versions of Spotify Premium apk for iOS and most of those versions full of ads and Un-relate-able content. By the way some awesome applications are also available for use and below we have mentioned file for iOS that tested by our experts as well.

Moreover, Spotify free works with all iOS devices and compatible with iPhone, iPod and iPad also. All you need to do is follow all the instructions mentioned below and do as mention. We have provide all instructions for users who don’t know about how to install apk on devices. Just make sure that you are using your PC for this process.

Installation Process

  • First step is to download the apk file from link given below. Before installation make sure you don’t have any other version installed on your device. If you have then first uninstall that app from your device and then install the latest version downloaded from our blog.
  • After download the file go to downloaded folder and extract the file. After extracting the file you will see the file named as impactor. Sometimes user never see this file in downloaded folder so don’t be panic again download this folder and repeat this procedure as i mentioned here.
  • Now connect you iOS device with your computer thought the data cable that supports your iOS device and latest drivers should be installed on your computer also.
  • The next step is to find the Spotify app file and just drag this file into Cydia Impactor tool. Just tap on OK button if warning option popup.
  • Now enter you valid apple id, don’t worry it wont charge anything from your apple id account. Your apple id helps to create certification of Spotify app so that it won’t appear to apple servers.
  • Now enter your apple id password on password field. When installation process complete then go to phone settings>> general>>Profiles management then launch the Spotify app and trust twice.
  • Close your all open tabs on your iOS device and go to your home screen then launch the Spotify app. Now enjoy the Spotify Premium free on your iOS device and listen your favorite tracks and do whatever you wanna do.

Note: If you face any issue regarding installation then restart your phone and repeat the process of installation. I hope it will be done.

How to Get Spotify Premium For Free No Internet Connection Problem Resolved

Sometimes people face internet connection due to some various issues and this is the common issue that people face on both devices android and iPhone as well. So don’t bother guys i am gonna take you out from this common issue, You need to follow these simple steps mentioned below but make sure you internet connection is stable before trying out this process.

If you have internet connection stable then move to the process of resolve the issue.

Note: The steps that mentioned below are for Android user only.

  • Launch the Google Play Store and search out the VPN for your phone. Well, there are many amazing VPN apps available on PlayStore. You can choose best VPN from these apps such as FlyVPN, VPNZen Mate.
  • Just install the best VPN on your device that you think which is the perfect for you. These apps are for free and some features are paid.
  • After the installation, launch the app from your device create or login your account. If you are going to create new one then there are no complex steps you need to do just create your account, en email will be send to you with verification link.
  • After completing all the steps, now create or login with your account. Now open the app and choose the locations to set connection to VPN service. When internet connection stable now open Spotify apk on your phone in offline mod then create or login.

Now enjoy the Spotify Premium free on your phone and stream your songs online and offline in both mode.

Spotify Premium Free Faq’s

What is Best Connection and Speed for Spotify Premium apk?

Spotify Premium apk run smoothly on any internet connection whereas it requires minimum 384 kbps. If you are looking for HD music then i recommend you to use 1 MB of connection.

Will the playlists in created in Spotify premium will be deleted when I reinstall app?

If you use the app with your email or Facebook then your playlists remain save and won’t delete ever even you change your phone or reinstall the app. When you login with your account or Facebook then you will see all your playlists on the app.

Is Spotify Premium Free apk Legal?

Absolutely yes, It is legal because Official Spotify website mention that proxies for using the services are fine under terms and conditions. Spotify apk uses their own servers to access the media which is also OK.

how to get Spotify premium for free?

Well, this app is totally free to download and use with Premium version and all data of paid subscriber can be access without any charge.

How to reset the password of Spotify premium free?

You can easily reset your Spotify password in order to forget the password. Simply you have to go to official Spotify website and click on forget password. Now enter you email address that linked with your Spotify account. They will send you the password reset link then you can change your password by following that link.


Download Spotify Premium APK v8.5.10.133 (Normal)


Download Spotify APK Premium (Latest)


Spotify Premium Free Final


Download Spotify APK Mod FINAL


Spotify Premium APk


Download Spotify Premium


Download v8.4.72.845 (ARM)   Download v8.4.72.845 MOD (×86)


Spotify Music Premium (v8.4.72.845) Beta MOD (ARM+x86) / Mirror


Download Spotify Premium Apk

Download Spotify v8.4.44.632     Download Spotify v8.4.39.673Spotify Premium Apk v8.4.32.623 Stable Mega MOD    Spotify Premium v8.4.31.723 Apk   Spotify Premium Apk v8.4.18.743   Spotify Music Premium v8.2.0.788 Final MOD


I have share all the necessary information regarding the Spotify Premium apk for both android and iOS devices. All you need to do is to follow these instructions mentioned above with carefully and do exact as mentioned. You can download and install the latest version of Spotify apk from our blog. All links are given here you can click on links and select the best one for your device. I hope you like this article. For more cool stuff like this you can simply follow use by visiting our blog SpotifyPremiumFree. You can download and install the apk on both devices such as Android and iPhone but instructions for both devices are different.

Share this article with your friends as many as you can. If you face any issue regarding this article then you can simply let us know via your comments in comment section and we will try our best to help you out. Your suggestions are valuable for us so, suggest us if we miss anything by this we can improve our content as well. Thank you so much for your love and support.


  • Unlimited Shuffle
  • Unlocked repeat mode
  • Enable search

Final Words

Although there are some downsides that need fix, Spotify Premium Apk Music remains one of the best music streaming Network platforms in the world. Spotify premium app supports many platforms such as Android, iOS and PC, Mac, you can download via direct link.

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