How To Get Spotify Premium Free Account

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Today i will show you how get Spotify Premium for Free, no need to paid and working 100%! Are you wondering how I managed to get a spotify premium for free account? Well, I have some time since I try to get a premium account for free, but finally I found the solution. You know very well that your free account is very limited and full of advertisements and to listen offline you must have a premium account. For this, I’m here to help you get a premium account with no limits and no advertisements and by the way you can listen to offline music. This app I’ve created for you works on Android and iOS, So you understand, it’s Spotify App, but after the changes I’ve made, it’s no longer necessary to buy the Spotify Premium monthly package to listen to your favorite music.

We have modified the application so that you do not need to upgrade, but after installing the app you will have a premium lifetime account, all you have to do is listen to your favorite music even in offline mode. After the change, this application was tested for 24H and can not be traced as a trick.

To take Spotify Premium Account Free you must follow the steps carefully:

  • Uninstall your current Spotify App
  • Download my Spotify App Premium Free(Link Below)
  • After you download my Spotify Premium Free you need to disconnect from the internet and installing.
  • Carefully!!!! During installation, you do not have to be connected to the internet.
  • Installing Done!

If you’ve tracked all my steps to installing the app, now you get 100% of a premium free lifetime account.

What is Spotify? (and for those who do not know)

Spotify is the most famous service that offers streaming music for free. It allows you to access, in a legal way, thousands of songs from any device without having to buy individual songs. Here then how to access this service and how to use it to the fullest.

Everyone has heard of Spotify, even without knowing this service in depth. It is a platform that allows access to different music tracks, modern and past times, from any device, such as PC and smartphone, and totally free.
The service allows you to not have the obligation to buy the individual songs and everyone can access it with Windows and Mac OS X. The basic version is totally free, thanks to the profits that Spotify receives through advertising, even if you can subscribe a monthly subscription of about ten euros allowing you to take advantage of additional features.
The basic version, Spotify free, allows you to listen to songs, radio and playlists without any limitation, even if the reproduction is interrupted occasionally by advertising and promotional messages. If you use the service on your smartphone you will be subject to certain limitations and you will not be able to choose the individual songs, but you will have to settle for a random play.
The premium version, however, has no advertising and also allows you to save the playlists on any device. You can take advantage of a free 30-day trial, which will be activated in the paid option, of the cost of 9.99 euros per month, at the expiry of the time, unless you are yourself to disable the option.

Who owns a smartphone, or at least an electronic device, uses it, among other things, to listen to music: in public transport, by train or by plane, the earphones in the ears and the musical notes keep us company during the day. A market, that of music, which has undergone significant changes, both from the point of view of the audio media and the countless possibilities of using music. It has gone from the very famous 45 and 33 laps to audiocassettes, from compact disks to mp3 files. And in these changes was inserted Spotify.

Download Now Spotify Premium

Link Status: Working


Link Status: Working

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